Tree Preservation

HortScience, Inc. has been a leader in tree preservation since the early 1980's.  We provide consulting services through all phases of development; from planning to maintenance.  Our tree reports and project submittals adhere to the requirements of regulatory agencies, and we consistently provide professional, clear presentations at public meetings.


Both trees that are preserved and those that are planted are key components of environmentally responsible, green developments.  We can help identify ways to create sustainable landscapes in keeping with LEED standards and the Sustainable Sites Initiative.


Pre-Project Evaluation  

  • Assess the quality of tree resource
  • Identify protected trees subject to local tree preservation ordinances
  • Identify opportunities and constraints to site development

Project Design

  • Inventory on-site trees; size, species, health and structure
  • Analyze potential design and grading impacts to trees
  • Suggest methods to minimize impacts to trees

Submittals and Permits   

  • Prepare Arborist Report and Tree Preservation Plan  
  • Appraise tree value for bonding 
  • Address tree-related issues at public hearings and meetings


  • Prepare specifications for tree protection and mainenance 
  • Monitor tree condition and activities near trees
  • Perform final inspection for permit and bond release


  • Produce long-term tree maintenance plans
  • Prepare homeowner guides for preserved trees
  • Monitor tree health and structural condition


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Tree preservation is most successful through teamwork; we incorporate trees into project planning by collaborating with the owner, developer, engineers, architects, contractors, and public agencies.

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