Site and Plant Selection

Creating healthy, attractive landscape involves selecting plants suitable for the site, preparing the site, and planting properly.  Our expertise in site evaluation and broad knowledge of landscape plants provides landscape architects, designers, and contractors with the information they need to design and install functional, attractive landscapes.


Our site analysis process includes the following:

  • Examining the site and evaluating plant performance
  • Collecting appropriate soil, tissue and/or water samples for laboratory analysis
  • Interpreting the laboratory analyses
  • Identifying opportunities and constraints for landscape plantings
  • Evaluating proposed plant species tolerance to site conditions
  • Providing recommendations and specifications for preparing or improving the site for plant growth






Quality plant inspection and planting

A key factor in successful, sustainable landscapes is planting good quality plants in a properly prepared site.  HortScience, Inc. will prepare plant quality and planting specifications, select healthy plants with well-formed root systems at the nursery, inspect them when they are delivered, and monitor their planting.


We are involved with the Quality Tree Initiative in California, and support the Urban Tree Foundation's Guideline Specifications for Nursery Tree Quality.


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Information is power. Having information about the site and how plants will perform gives you the power to design and maintain effective, superb landscapes.

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