Landscape Planting and Management

HortScience, Inc. provides consulting  services to sustain healthy, attractive landscapes, including:

  • Preparing specifications for plant quality, planting and maintenance
  • Assessing landscape conditions and quality
  • Diagnosing plant health problems
  • Conserving water during landscape irrigation
  • Promoting environmentally friendly landscaping

Quality plant inspection and planting

A key factor in successful, sustainable landscapes is planting

good quality plants in a properly prepared site.  HortScience, Inc. 

will prepare plant quality and planting specifications, select healthy

plants with well-formed root systems at the nursery, inspect them

when they are delivered, and monitor their planting.


We are involved with Quality Tree Initiative in California, and

support the Urban Tree Foundation's Guideline Specifications

for Nursery Tree Quality (


Diagnosing plant health problems

When problems arise in the landscape, our team of consultants

have the experience and training to identify the causes and design

effective solutions.  We team with soil, water, and plant pathology

laboratories to provide accurate diagnoses.


Water conservation and management

Water conservation is a key concern for managing landscapes. 

We assess plant water needs, evaluate irrigation performance,

and identify ways to conserve water during landscape irrigation.


Our staff has particular expertise in using recycled water for irrigation. 

Click here for more information.


Environmentally friendly landscaping

We promote environmental health by specifying use of recycled

wood waste for soil amendment, minimizing application of high

phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers, and prescribing recycled water for landscape irrigation.


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We promote healthy, sustainable, and attractive landscapes that protect the environment and conserve natural resources.

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