Tree Risk Assessment

We encounter risk throughout our daily lives, from the safety of our roads to the quality of the foods we eat to the recreation we enjoy.  Whenever trees are near people and property, there is risk that the tree may fail and cause damage, although that risk is very low.  By inspecting trees that are in areas used by people, we identify treatments to reduce risk, enhance tree stability, and promote longevity.


The Association of Bay Area Governments identifies an Urban Forest Management Plan as an important risk management best practice. HortScience, Inc. has extensive experience in developing urban forest and risk management plans.








HortScience, Inc. principals, Nelda Matheny and Jim Clark, developed an international risk assessment standard for evaluating tree hazard.  The rating system identifies the trees most likely to fail and cause damage, and allows managers to budget, prioritize and plan work schedules while enhancing public safety.  We provide training and educational materials in tree risk assessment.



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